Frequently Asked Questions

Product Production

Why does it take a few days before you ship my items?

Because each product is printed on demand, they are produced after customers place their order and payment is processed. This adds approximately 4 - 7 days of production time before shipping. We appreciate your patience as you await your products. 



How is shipping calculated for your products?

Our Shopify store syncs with our printing partners to calculate shipping based on printer location, item weight and customer location. 


Sales Tax

How are sales taxes determined for your products?

Our Shopify store determines and collects your sales tax based on your city and state. 


Why buy from an independent artist?

Buying from an independent artist means that each product you receive has a story - not a story of mass production and poorly paid graphic designers cranking out art for huge department stores - more like a story of coming to be.

You see, each design began as a seed of a thought. It was likely pondered deeply on a few desert walks, scratched out 88 times on paper until the basic shapes made sense with the message, erased, reworked, erased, digitized. Reworked again. And again. Deleted and retrieved. Printed on paper and corrected with a red pen in a harried manner, crumpled up, smoothed out, reworked, burned at a full moon release fire and finally transformed from the ashes of the chiminea into a print ready design worthy of making a home on your hoodie. You could try to get that at the local department-ish store, but.... Could you?