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Alesha Sevy KelleyHello! Welcome to my website. My name is Alesha Sevy Kelley and I love creating images that move and inspire others. From graphic design and writing to illustration and crafting, I love to process the world and then share it in my own way. I live in the desert, where the friendly cacti, yucca and sage brush surround and inspire me.

I am a seeker of truth and compassion, and sometimes that shows up as a ferocity in my words and my work. I love sharing art that inspires people to use their voices, be true to themselves, and celebrate the beauty of nature and humanity. 

From wall art prints to greeting cards to tea towels, T-shirts and tumblers, I hope to brighten your day through bold colors, words and a cheeky bit of truth.

If you like nature, patterns, tasty foods and beverages, symbols of equality, humanity, and throwing wrenches into that pesky patriarchy, you might enjoy yourself in this space - Welcome!