My name is Alesha Sevy Kelley and I am a lifelong art lover. I am also a truth teller and a truth feeler. After spending a couple of decades enjoying the world of writing, marketing and graphic design, my forties began to whisper inner truths to me, reminding me that I still loved sketching with pencils and pens, and I still have so much to say and share. 

Art by Alesha is the way I transform some of my own energy into hand sketched, hand lettered illustrations and messages printed on fun and practical products.  My messages range from humorous and light to lyrical miracles to truth bombs, and I am dedicated to shining a light in the dark places. This dedication has led me to years of local volunteering with non-profits, and sharing my talents through in-kind donations.

By creating products you love, I expand my impact by donating a portion of every sale to charities that support human equality, assisting trauma survivors, helping girls and women, supporting education and contributing to a healthier planet overall. 10% of all profits from Art by Alesha are donated to local and global non-profit organizations who are dedicated to helping those who need a hand up.