Vote for Love

Vote Biden and Harris 2020 :)

Hi! Today is a short post, mostly a reminder that for those of us living in the United States to VOTE in our upcoming election. Voter suppression is underway big time with people already waiting all day in long lines to vote. Since I use art to express myself, I would like to share this VOTE image I created to keep spirits high and continue to encourage my fellow citizens to continue the work necessary to pave the way for change. 

Voting is the first step - yet, let's not stop there! Regardless of the outcome, I commit my days and years to shining a light on the bold discriminations still happening every day, and I vow to use my voice to share what I learn in hopes of influencing fairness and justice. I was instructed to place my hand over my heart every Monday through Friday of my life for 13 years and pledge my allegiance to a flag that promised "Liberty and Justice for ALL." 

I intend to fight for liberty and justice for all bodies. This week I vote for Biden and Harris as just one step in a long list of ways I can rise up, show up and unite with my fellow citizens fighting for love and equality. Gotta sign off and get some candidate research done now.

Go Vote!✌🏽

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