The Tree of Joy

Ah, what a refreshing topic - the Tree of JOY!

It’s springtime in the desert, and one thing I have missed a lot is seeing the pink mimosa trees out and about, flamboyantly being themselves. In the desert the pink mimosa rarely grows wild, but when given good water, sunlight and a loving family? They practically scream for you to come have a nice long inhale, and now I know why. 

The pink mimosa, also called Persian Silk Tree, is also referred to as the Tree of Joy. I am always eager to dive into the symbolism of my favorite plants and flowers, so when I sought out what this tree represented, I couldn’t agree more. Even in the arid waves of hot sunny hell, these trees stand as tall as a squat and rounded little tree can stand, waving those lacy green fern-like arms around. Why wouldn’t they? They are covered in tufts of bright fushia pink flower fluffs with magical stardust balls at the fluffy tips.

Technically, those are the stamens - and unlike most flowers, who attract us with their brightly colored flower petals, mimosa flowers are allllll stamen. I love that. The stamen is the male part of the flower, and consists of the filament (the long leggy part) and the anther (the little ball of magic at the end). I re-learned that plant biology in a lovely Handcrafted Herbalism mini-course by the Chestnut School of Herbs recently and it really revved up my botanical info loving heart!

All of those sweetly scented masculine little stamens just catching the breeze, smelling heavenly, swaying and poofing, all coral and hot pink colored with yellow pom poms at the end.... This Tree of Joy embodies the freedom of pure unconfined joy and happiness. In traditional Chinese medicine, it has been used to improve mood, wellbeing, decrease anxiety and calm a turbulent heart.

Dream Catcher Botanicals says it beautifully, “As we go about our days we encounter many feelings and thoughts. We sometimes get caught in the storm of our mind without seeing the moment as it is. The silk tree gives us strength to be present on a moment to moment basis so we can enjoy our precious moments in comfort and happiness together. As time passes the silk tree leaves its smiling grin upon us as its gorgeous flowers blossom!”

If you live near these beauties, it might do your heart some good to snip a sprig, throw it in a mason jar and sip a Mimosa while you think about love. If you can’t do that, just enjoy a nice long gaze at this little image and think about whatever you want :) 

Image with illustration of the words MIMOSA and Persian Silk Flowers drawn with an illustration of Persian Silk Flowers.

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