The Moth

Image shows colorful illustrated moths against a starry night sky. Illustrated by Alesha  Sevy Kelley.
One day a caterpillar just living her best life, crunching leaves and scooching across twigs said, "Ah, this is life; This is as good as it gets." And she feasted joyfully.

After days of feasting, the caterpillar felt a stirring, a feeling of new sensations bubbling within her cylindrical plumpness. A perplexing thing happened. The mouth that once only found satisfaction and nourishment from crunching leaves discovered a new sense of satisfaction - creating silk! "Wow! Who knew?" thought our friend.

She didn’t admonish her mouth to continue leaf crunching, but followed this urge to spin silk. Slowly, carefully, she instinctively burrowed down into the darkness of the earth, diligently spun herself a snug cocoon home, and drifted into a deep, dark slumber. In the cloak of dark, everything she knew about herself fell away, transformed into a magical, primordial disintegration of what she once was.

Time ushered her mystical transformation along until the consciousness of a caterpillar was only a memory. When conditions were safe, within the dark cocoon, new consciousness began to awaken, and new life emerged from within the darkness of this consciousness, the cocoon, the earth.

The fully embodied moth emerged from the dark, greeting her new self for the first time.

“I once knew life was as good as it could be. Then I followed my heart and my stirrings, and I ducked out of the bright light of day, seeking the deep truth of night. Facing these truths felt like losing myself in the darkness of my own making. Surrendering to the reality of the cocoon, I thought I would die. But when I emerged, I felt my own wings. Wings! I did not die. And with these wings, I soar through night, discovering the light in the dark. I will always honor my history, the journey of my Caterpillarness. But now.. I fly free; I am Moth.”

And she was.

And she was not alone.

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