Rise Up. Show Up. Unite!

Rise up. Show up. Unite. Join artists to show support for Biden and Harris. #riseupshowupunite

Rise up. Show up. Unite.

I am a United States citizen, and I created this piece of art for the #riseupshowupunite challenge by the amazing and inspirational artists Jessica Hische and Ade Hogue. Artists have a unique opportunity to inspire others through words and images, so this was a challenge that felt like a perfect fit for a gal who loves art, equality, smashing the  patriarchy and exercising her voting rights… 

Rise Up

As for my vote? I choose to rise up and vote for a world fit for future generations. Humanity is more important than rising stocks. Preserving our planet for future generations is paramount. Separating and caging families in encampments is a violent assault to humanity that should end. Every U.S. citizen deserves equality in healthcare, workplace, marriage and family planning. Racism is alive and thriving and it's far past time for whyte supremacy to be denounced and dismantled. Our nation deserves leaders willing to step into this clashing moment of clarity and make policies and decisions in the interest of all citizens, in the interest of future generations, and in the interest of humanity. My vote goes to Joe and Kamala. 

Show Up

The current administration’s catch phrase of Making America Great Again seems to offer a ticket back to a time when whyte folks like myself did not have to think about the violence and racism inflicted on the bodies of children and adults of color; It is appealing to some, because we are so segregated that some of us live in buffered pockets of whyteness encapsulated in the traditions that have always excluded those “not like us.” And many folx would like to keep those pockets the same as they have always been.

But not all of us. Not me. I will show up in those spaces and be willing to listen to those who are excluded. I will show up and speak up. I will show up for leaders who consider the impacts of discrimination and work to dismantle the systems that support it.

Our nation deserves leadership that reflects the diversity of its citizens. Our nation deserves leadership with the capacity to feel empathy for others who are not like them; the decency to keep immigrant children with their parents and siblings rather than caging human beings and allowing them to be irreversibly harmed. We have got to show up - for this election, and for all issues that are important for the  preservation and protection of all bodies.  



Enough is enough. Voting to set back protections for people of color, trans individuals and women will never be my jam. We have a long way to go, both politically and individually. But we owe it to future generations to work together to steer this ship toward providing a safe and habitable planet to live on. It is time to unite for the greater good - Unity over Comfort. WE before ME. 

This election will be historical. Our current president is already laying the groundwork for rejecting election results if Biden wins. And regardless of who actually wins the presidency in 2020, our lives have changed forever. A light has been brightly shining on the injustices, and the momentum will not stop until equilibrium is reached; until the laws of this land provide equal protection for all bodies - Black bodies, brown bodies, disabled bodies, fat bodies, trans bodies, children’s bodies, women’s bodies - all bodies. It is time to unite. 

My hope for our nation is to see us engaging in an actual turning point, where we choose to turn together. Our nation deserves leaders who will consider the true impact that our choices will undoubtedly have on future generations. Our nation deserves leaders willing to look into a future where we confront the truths and realities of the whyte supremacy that has become synonymous with a certain flavor of "American Pride" and model a new set of values by actively considering, listening to and honoring those whose lives and hearts have been broken by racism's devastating impacts. 

The reign of Trump will end someday. But what about those who embrace the supremacy he celebrates? The reality that many people cast their vote toward a character with his value system will never go away. I can’t predict how things will go, but I am curious to see what the artists capture when interpreting the state of the world. And I look forward to adding my artistic voice to the conversation. 


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