And now.... I blog... 🤌

Hello :)

I guess since 25 years of research has shown that blogs are gonna blog, now is the second best time to jump into that blogwagon. I’ve admittedly ventured here before, but as with so many things in my life, I need to take a few jabs at something before it sticks. So.. cheers to this jab ☀️

My name is Alesha, and I decided to peep out of my introverty world to start some conversations with y'all because:

a) - I loooove patterns - and I'm a surface pattern designer who hopes to connect with others like me.

b) - I really needed a space where most topics can be spoken in lyrics or transformed into an off-key jingle, preferably without judgment. 

c) - I wanted a safe space to explore and share different topics and perspectives in a creative, heartfelt, real lifey way. Art is lifey, Life is arty.

collection of colorful plant and pattern spot illustrations by Alesha Sevy.

Here are some topics I'm sure to dip into here:

  • Chit chat about surface pattern design, illustration and lettering. I'm getting started on a new-ish journey into the licensing industry so I may gush about how inspiring patterns and letters are... because they are!
  • Local treasures - from murals to pretty parks to wildflowers, Salt Lake City has some beauty we can appreciate together. I recently moved back to SLC last year as I was going through a divorce..  so it's been an adjustment in many ways. I really have felt grateful for all of the art around here..
  • Divorce is hard. Some of the things I talk about here may feel ethereal and heal-y.. because.. I’m still healing ;) 🫀
  • In my full-time job, I work as the marketing director at Spy Hop Productions, which is one of the most amazing and creative places to work. So I will won't be able to help but to share some cool Spy Hoppy things here. 
  • There will be a healthy saturation of wildflowers here - most especially, I tend to laser focus in on the desert wildflowers. It seems that no matter what I try to draw these days, there will surely be a cactus or a cactus blossom in there. 🌼🌸🌵
  • In this space I will explore current events, legislation and election shenanigans with my own lens. I believe there is much to change, and I believe in always fighting for equal human rights and safety for all bodies - most especially those being harmed in our current structure  🖤🤎🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

  • My perspective and lived experiences are shared through the lens of a middle aged cisgendered white woman in the US. I am likely to mess up and make assumptions, and I may say something that I later learn was hurtful or harmful - I will listen when this happens and commit to doing things differently. I acknowledge that there is always, always room for growth, learning and doing better, and that applies to me; I'm learning and listening and willing to get uncomfortable. 👀

Stick around if you’re inclined, and if you want to receive quarterly newsletters, feel free to sign up on my email list :)

And now, in true introvert style, I will publish this inaugural blog post... at night... in the dark... without telling anyone... I'm inching toward that... patience...

Happy Pride month! 


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